here is character info



Darren Shan
rank: vampire prince
information: One of the three sons of Destiny, Darren gets blooded and after leaving the cirque du freak he goes to vampire mountain after unveiling a traitor is made a prince and is sent to look for the vampaneze lord.


Larten Crepsley
rank: vampire prince level
information: H e is Darrens Mentor/ Blooder He blooded Darren b/c of Destiny and Darren and Crepsley go through many hardships in vampire mountain, then they both set out for the vampaneze lord, On their third encounter of four with the vampaneze lord he is murdered by the vampaneze lord.
What Ive Done - Linkin Park

Gavner Purl
rank: vampire general
information: always on the go gavner obeys the rules and believes in fair judgment, but he likes to have fun too, kurda killed him inn the 5th book when he helped darren escape his death
All my Best Friends Are Metal Heads - Less than Jake

Vancha Harst
rank: Vampire Prince
information: Originally blooded as a vampaneze, he is the third hunter of the vampaneze lord. He met up with Darren and Crepsley on their travels and goes through many hardships with Darren and Crepsley, He is the brother of the vampaneze lords protecter and fights against the sun.
Bad Sun - The Bravery

Kurda Smalt
rank: vampire prince
information: He is the first form of Harkat. The vampire traitor that Darren unveiled, He worked with the vampaneze but is a friend of Darrens
The Pretender - Foo Fighters
Kurda is the guy with long hair

Darrius Leonard
rank: Vampire
information: Darrens nefew, vampaneze lords and Annie Shans son, He trustes his father and originally is blooded as a vampaneze, he finds the truth and becomes a vampire.
Im Just a Kid - Simple Plan
Darrius is on the left in the middle

Snake poeple

Evra Von
rank: cirque du freak performer
information: he is Darrens best friend and was captured by Murlogh Darren and Evra grow apart but will always be best friends
Crawling - Linkin Park

Shanctus Von
rank: Evra's assistant
information: He met Darren in the 7th book and dies tragically in the 11th by the vampaneze lord.
Im Just a Kid - Simple Plan
the small kid is shanctus

Immortals and such

Hibernius Tall
rank: cirque du freak owner
information: One of the sons of destiny, e owns the cirque du freak and is never short on cash, he is a great inventor and helped Darren a good deal, he dies when R.V kills him in book 11
Time Wont Let Me Go - The Bravery

rank: sorceries
information: untouchable Evanna is a very powerfull witch no one should mess with, she travels with Darren multiple times, She is also the Daughter of Destiny
Cant Touch This - MC Hammer
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Harkat Mulds
rank: little person
information: if his name is spelled differently it is Kurda Smalt, thats who he originally was, He helps Darren multiple times and saves his life too, he helped with the vampaneze hunt too
The Hell Song - Sum 41

rank: influence of time
information: The father of Darren, Evanna, Mr. Tall, and the vampaneze lordThe all powerful Mr. Tiny he influenced How Darren and the vampaneze lords lives went, He wanted the world under his control with the lord of shadows, that was ruined when his son Darren killed himself along with the vampaneze lord, He is pure Evil
Poor Unfortunate Souls -

Ultimate Beingings
rank: ender of the war
information: this is Evanna's kids they are twins and are vampaneze vampire and able to walk in the daytime. They can have children so eventually the vampires and vampaneze will die and these being will be the new ones, since they are half and half they end the war of scars
Last Resort - Papa Roach
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Lord of the Shadows
rank: ruler of world
information: he was supposed to come to power with Destiny's influence as either the vampaneze lord or Darren but never does since Darren killed himself and the vampaneze lord
Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park


rank: vampaneze leader
information: when his hands are bitten off and replaced by hooks he is blooded as a vampaneze and becomes an evil killing machine who kidnappes Debbie
What Ive Done - Linkin Park

Gannon Harst
rank: vampaneze lords protecter
information: he made the vampaneze lord come to power an dis Vancha's Brother he isn't evil but must do what his lord tells him to.
Bleed It Out - Linkin Park

The Vampaneze Lord
rank: lord of the vampaneze
information: I'll reveal his identity soon, After Gannon made him a lord this mad mad who is Darius father Darren's brother and Destiny's third son he goes on a rampage after Darren and Crepsley for revenge he gets his wish and dies in the process, he is Steve Leonard Darrens Best Friend and Brother
Fake It - Seether